What Are Effervescent Vitamin Supplements?

What Are Effervescent Vitamin Supplements?

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There’s taking vitamins. Then there’s experiencing VÖOST. VÖOST Vitamins are the effizzing amazing way to take your vitamins that taste great with no sugar and low calories! VÖOST vitamins and supplements come in eight amazing effervescent flavors and are here to turn your vitamin routine from a chore to a bubble-powered, flavor frenzy experience.

How are Effervescent Vitamins Different from Other Vitamins?  

Sometimes taking your supplements isn’t a pleasant experience, which could discourage you from taking them regularly. That’s where effervescent vitamin supplements like VÖOST come in! VÖOST effervescent vitamin supplements are tablets that, when dropped in a glass of water, quickly dissolve leaving you with a smooth, tasty, vitamin-enriched drink that goes where you go. All it takes is drop, fizz, and sip to transform the way you take your vitamins! So how do these effervescent vitamins work?

How Do Effervescent Vitamins Work?

Effervescence (n) by definition is the property of forming bubbles.¹ When an effervescent vitamin tablet is dropped in a glass of water, the acidic substances and carbonate salts within it undergo a chemical reaction that releases carbon dioxide as lots of bubbles—in other words, carbonation occurs.² This fizzy, bubbly transformation breaks apart and dissolves the tablet, and it disperses evenly throughout the glass of water.³ The carbonation from the effervescent vitamin tablet also plays into how your body absorbs the vitamins and nutrients from the tablet. The chemical reactions that occur after you dissolve and take an effervescent tablet actually make your stomach less acidic. By altering the gastric pH, carbonation protects the vitamins from breaking down and allows more to be absorbed further down the digestive tract.⁴ Carbonation also helps empty the contents of your stomach, speeding up the time it takes to reach the small intestine and supporting vitamin absorption.⁴ The carbon dioxide produced through the effervescent reaction also enables the vitamins in the effervescent tablet to penetrate the space between cells better than they otherwise would.³

6 Effizzing Amazing Things About VÖOST Effervescent Vitamins

1. Give your body a Vitamin BOOST

Each fantastically fizzy effervescent VÖOST tablet gives your body a boost of nutrients that make taking vitamins fun and flavorful! It’s as easy as dropping an effervescent tablet into your bottle of water and drinking your water throughout the day.

2. Zero sugar and only 10 calories

Unlike some other types of vitamins, each fizzy drink tablet is sugar free and only 10 calories each, making each sip even more extraordinary than the last!

3. H2O to H2 WHOA!

Taking effervescent vitamins is building in another healthy, absolutely essential habit into your daily routine: drinking more water. You’ll enjoy your VÖOST Vitamin C or so much, you’ll almost forget that you’re also hydrating and taking care of number one: YOU.

4. Delicious flavors

VÖOST effervescent vitamin tablets come in a frenzy of flavors that make every single vitamin a new experience. From blood orange flavored Vitamin C to strawberry kiwi flavored Beauty there is a VÖOST flavor you’re sure to enjoy!

5. Formulated for quick, easy absorption.

If you’re making the effort to take daily supplements, you want to make sure your body can easily access and use the vitamins and minerals you take. Effervescent vitamins are formulated for quick, thorough absorption to help your body perform at its peak.

6. They are easy take—anywhere!

Raise your hand if you’ve ever left the house and realized you forgot to take your morning vitamins. With VÖOST effervescent vitamin tablets, it’s easy to take your vitamins with you on the go. Whether you drop a tablet in your water bottle before you leave home, or keep your VÖOST tubes at your work desk, we’re ready to pack a punch of flavor and bubbly-fun vitamins whenever you are.

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